NARCISSISM: The Autoerotic images

Toni Karat / Germany / 2022 / 90 min

N A R C I S S I S M – The Auto-Erotic Images.
Documentary about gender, narcissism and self-love.

How do we look into the mirror?
Do we allow ourselves a narcissistic or even covetous view?
And how is it influenced by our gender and socialization:
Are we able to love ourselves and our reflection?
And why do lesbians often have an especially difficult relationship with narcissism?

In this debut feature film Toni Karat invited 33 border crossers of all kinds to this beautiful
untouched attic of 1929 – in order to explore the intimate view in the mirror, accompanied by
photo shoots and interviews about gender, narcissism and self-love.

In English and German with English subtitles.

Plays with the documentary short, Nullo (15 min)

NARCISSISM: The Autoerotic Images / 6:30 pm – Nov 4 / Grand Illusion Cinema

Director Biography – Toni Karat

Toni Karat is a Berlin based lesbian non-binary artist and filmmaker. They studied fine arts at the Kunstakademie Duesseldorf (Prof. Jan Dibbets) and Hochschule der Kuenste Berlin (Prof. Karl-Horst Hoedicke) and also lived in London and Hamburg. Focus of the study was painting and photography.
Their creative work has been expanding in many fields:
From being a founding member of two punk/trash bands in the early 1990s to playing Deep House and Minimal Music as a DJ in many well-known german and international clubs such as Panorama Bar (Ostgut), Pfefferbank, Irrenhouse, S036, SchwuZ and many more.
From 2014 they started to produce their own music and have been working also as a remixer, live performer and composer of scores – with releases on several labels such as Berlin based Reveller Records, TWIRL! Records (Chicago), Yes Yes Records, Minina Music, Fett Recordings, 7MNS Music and Metapop.
Remixes among others for Gudrun Gut and Jean-Michel Jarre for the „Zoolook Revisited” Album.

In 2017, they founded “melting point images – Film- und Fotomanufaktur”, with a focus on queer-feminist artporn films and documentaries. Toni Karat’s films are characterised by the unique display of queer intimacy where camerawork and the thoroughly composed experimental music go hand in hand. They strive for an artistic and also hot and explicit visualisation of queer sexuality and eroticism.
Their films Driven, The Mirror, FagDyke Cruising and Endzeit Berlin have screened at many international festivals, like in New York, London, Berlin, Paris, San Francisco, Brussels, Athens, Zurich, Glasgow, Vienna, Seattle, Osaka, Perth and Bangalore.

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