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Max Skaff / United States / 2023 / 5 min.

Included in SMASHING THE GENDER BINARY Short Films – Nov 12 at 3pm – Buy Tickets

Two lovers on a date, exploring each other’s bodies, having sex the way they want to – free of the cis gaze. In this afterglow original movie starring Lex Valor (they/them) and Roxanna (she/her), trans sexuality is centered and celebrated. Directed by Maximus Skaff (he/they), this is t4t sex at its best.


About the filmmakers

afterglow is porn by women, for everybody.  Our mission is to create porn you can learn from – from seeing relatable stories in porn to watching one of our explicit Eduporns.   You deserve great sex – that’s why you’ll love afterglow!


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