Closing Program: Real and Surreal Shorts

CLOSING PROGRAM: The Real and the Surreal Shorts Program (85 min)
A shorts collection that both depicts the reality of sexual experience, while also delving into experimental treatment of unstimulated sexuality.
Urvashi (director) and cast of The Pickup & Kate Sinclaire (director) and Ciel of GUSH will be in attendance. Q&A will follow the screening.

Sunday, September 9 – 7 pm – Grand Illusion Cinema


Directed by Olympe E De G.
France, 2017 (4 min)
Dick, Cunt, Asshole… Why are those words insults when these body parts are so wonderful?
Director Bio:
Amateur pornographer.
Author, director & performer, for my own pleasure and convictions.
I donate every € or $ I get to Amnesty International to sustain their fight against homo, bi and transphobia and for sex workers rights.
Activist for sex positivity and feminist at 🖤.
Naked and not afraid! ✊🏻

SIXTY NINE CLUB ** North American Premiere **
Directed by Rob Eagle
United Kingdom, 2018 (21 min)
Founded in 1965 when homosexuality was illegal in Britain, the Sixty Nine Club is Europe’s oldest social group for gay leathermen. The club’s last surviving older members show us why the Sixty Nine Club means so much to them through home movies and tales of debauchery, love, and friendship.
Director Bio:
Rob Eagle is a director/producer of documentary films, audio documentaries and non-fiction virtual reality. His photos and films have appeared across international media, including the New York Times, the Guardian, Al Jazeera and the BBC. He is currently working on his first feature-length documentary on the history of British leather fetish culture and is beginning a PhD in virtual reality documentary at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

POLYETHYLENE TOUCH  ** World Premiere **
Directed by Flicker Fuckers
Sweden, 2018 (10 min)
Faceless and wrapped in plastic
Director Bio:
Flicker Fuckers are a team of two who equally share in the creation of art. One partner may be more interested in costumes, while the other, in cinematography, but both share the duties of producer and director in their video creations.

UNBRIDLED   ** US Premiere ** 
Directed by Marcus Quillan & Simon Christopher
United Kingdom, 2018 (11 min)
Based on the theater production “Black Beauty in Irons”, a fictional couple explore ponyplay.
Director Bio:
The creator of Thousand Faces, and it’s mission to push the boundaries of porn. I wanted to develop in the UK the kind of work that has inspired me throughout Europe while working with ethical, feminist, alternative porn makers like Anoushka of, and Ovidie in France. An actor, model, and musician by trade, Marcus produces, directs, composes music, and performs for Thousand Faces, whilst constantly seeking ideas and collaboration to bring an ever changing aesthetic to a constant exploration of performance and sex.

Directed by Urvashi
United States, 2017 (17 min)
With an arm full of shopping bags, Avalon calls a driver to take her back to her hotel. Unable to keep their eyes off each other during the ride, this “chance” encounter soon leads to much more.
Director Bio:
From the age of five Urvashi has been no stranger to the darkroom, learning to shoot, develop and process prints in the family basement. A passion for the aesthetic has always driven her to produce the finest images while drawing her audiences into the deeper story of a photograph. Having moved from still photography to the movie set, Urvashi continues to delight audiences with erotic art that stimulates and inspires people to see the pleasures of sexuality within context and respect for all involved.

DEAR BABE  ** World Premiere **
Directed by Ethan A Folk & Ty Wardwell
Germany, 2018 (4 min)
A home-alone-houseboy is hungry, and not just for breakfast. What will daddy think when he reads about the houseboy’s filthy antics?
Director Bio:
Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell are collaborative partners in the creation of performances and films that explore masculinity, intimacy, economies of performance, and ethics of consumption. Their film, Breakfast in Bed, was runner up for best Kink at HUMP and was included in the SECS Fest 2017 short program. They are northwest natives, currently working in Berlin.

GOODBYE (A TRUE STORY)  ** North American Premiere ** 
Directed by Ezio Maisto
Italy, 2078 (8 min)
Two lovers celebrate their brief relationship in front of the camera. The next day she will be gone forever.
Director Bio:
His first work as a director is the western short film “The currybonara” (2010), awarded in 15 festivals and broadcast by RAI and Sky. His second short, the comedy “Greater expectations” (2012) has been awarded 9 times. His third short work, “More than this” (2014) has been performed by no professional actors and shot in the biggest abusive urban areas of Europe. His last short, released in November 2017, is the erotic “Goodbye (a true story)”, a witness about the last meeting of two real lovers the day before one of them’s leaving.
As a screenwriter he has worked for a popular TV series broadcast by Canale5, written the webseries “Inside the stones” and awarded in several screenplays contests.
Currently he is shooting his first feature film.

GUSH  ** World Premiere ** 
Directed by Kate Sinclaire
Canada, 2018 (14 min)
A docuporn about squirting.
Director Bio:
Kate Sinclaire has been making porn from the somewhat unlikely city of Winnipeg, in Canada, for over a decade. With her soft porn website,, leading to the launch of her own video production company, Ciné Sinclaire, Kate is truly at the forefront of Canadian feminist and ethically made pornography.


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