SECS FEST 2018: I am Valentina Nappi

Feature Program
ISVN – I AM VALENTINA NAPPI (Io sono Valentina Nappi)

Saturday, September 8 – 7 pm – Grand Illusion Cinema


The feature will be preceded by the short film WE ARE THE FUCKING WORLD (Spain, 2017) by Olympe de G.
A manifest for pornography based on consent, WE ARE THE FUCKING WORLD documents nine queer porn stars shooting an orgy in a way that shows them going beyond the question of gender or sexual orientation – showcasing the beauty of every body and every desire. This film raised funds to support the fight against homo/bi/transphobia. (33 min)
Director Bio:
Amateur pornographer.
Author, director & performer, for my own pleasure and convictions.
I donate every € or $ I get to Amnesty International to sustain their fight against homo, bi and transphobia and for sex workers rights.
Activist for sex positivity and feminist at 🖤.
Naked and not afraid! ✊🏻

ISVN – I AM VALENTINA NAPPI (Io sono Valentina Nappi) ** US Premiere **

Directed by Monica Stambrini
Italy (2018)
Who is Valentina Nappi? Everyone knows her, everyone follows her, everyone one has seen every inch of her body but how intimate can one really get with her? Follow the young Italian porn star in this experimental documentary as she travels back to Naples from Los Angeles making a stop in Rome for the night to meet a friend to catch up both in and out of the sheets. (50 min)
Director Bio:
MONICA STAMBRINI graduated from Film School in Milan in 1994 and since has directed various short films, documentaries, videoclips and art-videos which have screened in festivals all over the world. Her first feature film – Gasoline (Benzina) – played at the Toronto Film Festival,  and received global distribution. More recently her documentary Electric Chair – the making of the film Me & You by B.Bertolucci was screened both in Venice and Rotterdam Film Festival. Queen Kong, an x-rated short film, won the Best Narrative Short film award at Queens World Film Festival 2016 and was a special event at the 52° Pesaro Film Festival and at the Milan Film Festival.
Currently she’s editing the film Io sono Valentina Nappi (with the pornstar Valentina Nappi), working on a documentary on her grandfather and writing her next feature film. She lives in Rome and she is the foundress of Le Ragazze Del Porno, a collective project of explicit films by Italian female directors.

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