Two Years


Gabriel Lapierre / Canada / 2022 / 6 min.

Included in VISIONS OF LOVE Short Film Program – Sunday Nov 12 at 5 pm – Buy Tickets

It’s through their skins that we learn to know Ange and Brxe in the shining celebration of their love. Two years of complicity and kisses, of pleasure and tenderness. Because sex in the afternoon is healthy a.f.


Director’s Biography – Gabriel Lapierre

Active on the underground scenes in Quebec for more than 10 years, Gabriel has the opportunity to share the stage with several renowned artists, such as Voivod, Grimskunk, Hubert Lenoir, Yonatan Gat, FET.NAT, Corridor, American Devices and many others. He has participated in more than 15 albums as a composer, arranger, and/or performer.

Meanwhile, Gabriel has gained experience as a videographer and visual artist. In 2017, during his baccalaureate in visual art, he decided to launch himself fully into video. His first work was exhibited on the mosaic at Place des Arts in 2018. Since then, he has focused on music videos ,and quietly slipped into the world of short films and post-pornography. He specializes in directing, editing and special effects. Gabriel is a self-taught artist who explores the awareness of subjectivity as a creative force of reality. His work is politicized and poetic, always remaining tinged with queer culture and the anarchist community. Consent and relational cohesion are at the heart of his work.


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