Volunteering with SECS

Planning and running an annual film festival requires a huge amount of team work and dedication and it cannot happen without an amazing staff of volunteers. And so the Seattle Erotica Cinema Society is seeking a team of dedicated volunteers.

Who Can volunteer?

Because of the nature of our organization, all volunteers must be 18 or over.

Otherwise, SECS is seeking a wide variety of volunteers of various backgrounds, skills, and abilities. The below listed positions are areas that have been identified where help is needed, but we will also have more short term volunteer positions during the festival.

If interested in volunteering, please fill our volunteer form.

Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Coordinator
Time Commitment: 3+ hours to prep, 1 hour a week to maintain, heavier closer to festival time)

  • Create a Volunteer Form for new volunteers to fill out
  • Maintain a Volunteer Database (spreadsheet)
  • Receive and respond to all volunteer emails and inquiries
  • Send bulk emails to volunteers with pertinent SECS updates/announcements
  • Send and build emails to volunteers seeking help for festival or events
  • Coordinate volunteers (schedules, etc.) and work with venue managers to help establish positions that need to be filled.

Membership Coordinator
Time Commitment: 3+ hours to prep, 1 hour a week to maintain,.

  • Maintain a Membership Database (spreadsheet)
  • Receive and respond to all inquiries concerning SECS membership and benefits
  • Assist in sending out the monthly newsletter to all member subscribers
  • Send membership cards to new members
  • Contact members who’s memberships are approaching expiration
  • Maintain a current membership list for the event box offices.

Marketing (Broken up into subsections – choose the subsection you would like to take on)

A. Graphic Design

Time Commitment: Varies

  • Create SECS Logo
  • Create monthly art based on a specific movie
  • Design poster and other art for festival and special events
  • Work with marketing team and website designer

B. Marketing/Publicity

Time Commitment: Varies

  • Get the word out via social media about events, monthly screenings, and the annual festival
  • Help design and distribute flyers for public events (work with graphic designer and volunteer coordinator)
  • Help design and distribute posters for public events (work with graphic designer and volunteer coordinator)

C. Website

Time Commitment: Varies

  • Help build and maintain our website
  • Should have experience with WordPress

D. Event Coordinator

Time Commitment: Seasonal – Festival

  • Organize and manage opening night and closing night parties on a dime
  • Will require getting sponsor donations (food, booze, venue, etc)

Time Commitment: 3~ hours a month

  • Maintain/reconcile SECS budget and finances
  • Drop off donations after events

Programming Assistant (Monthly)
Time Commitment: Varies

  • Watch monthly film selection 1-2 months prior to screening
  • Write a blurb for marketing
  • Research film to give introduction and/or Q&A
  • Research and schedule someone to come to the film and introduce

Programming Coordinator
Time Commitment: Busy Bee

  • Create and maintain submission database
  • Oversee submission screenings – make sure all films have been viewed by programmers, scored, etc.
  • Correspond with filmmakers (missing submission pieces, acceptance/rejection letters, etc.)
  • Coordinate receipt of all accepted films
  • Research films, assist with monthly screenings, etc.
  • Assist programmers where needed

Venue Managers (Seasonal – Festival)
Time Commitment: Full day/evening shifts during festival

  • Make sure festival venue or events run as scheduled
  • Manage volunteers
  • Assist patrons and answer questions
  • Problem solve on the fly

Program Editor (Seasonal – Festival)
Time Commitment: Likely a lot of hours

  • Create playlists for our programs (converting files, adding seconds of black in between)
  • Testing playlists with projectionists
  • Creating pre-screen slideshow (sponsor ads, etc.)

Usher (Seasonal – Festival)
Time Commitment: approximately 3 hours per shift

  • Basic duties involve collecting admission tickets or badges, checking for wrist stamp (our way to ensure that someone checked ID for 18+ shows), assisting in finding seats, and answering attendee questions such as location of restroom. Ushers will also help clean the theater between shows.

Box Office (Seasonal –  Festival)
Time Commitment: approximately 3 hours per shift

  • Selling admission tickets to the event, redeeming will call tickets, checking IDs and giving attendees a wrist stamp, and selling any festival merchandise.
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