Welcome to Athens

Skyline shot of Athens under a bright blue sky. Text reads Welcome to Athens.


Menelas / Greece / 2018 / 7 min

First they commissioned it and then they banned it. This is the tourism advert the Greek National Tourism Organisation doesn’t want you to see. Recently hacked from the government database we give you Athens as you deserve it.

Director – Menelas

I was born in Greece in 1974.

In 2012 I started making films. A friend of mine said I make art-installation films and I like that description. I haven’t formally studied directing but I love holding a camera. I am a sucker for Dogme style but I’ll add my name to the credits as director.

Since 2010 I have worked on creating gay media on YouTube channel gitv. In 2011, I started the annual exhibition Civil Disobedience. In 2012, I created and co-founded the Queer Theatre Awards for Athens, Greece and we are still going. In 2020, I created the Satyrs and Maenads: the Athens Porn Film Festival.


The Good Kid -11″ (2012)
The Naked  Truth -33″ (2012)
Post-Orgasmic 12″-(2013)
The Raspberry Reich GR -9″ (2015)
Scattered Thoughts of a Young Sex Worker -14″ (2016)
Symposium: an athenian rawmance-24″ (2017)
Welcome to Athens-7″ (2018)
The Melita Show The Movie– 11″ (2019)