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On this 14th day of February, I’m excited to announce that the details of our February event have been finalized.
On Wednesday, February 22,the Seattle Erotic Cinema Society is co-presenting with the fantastic vintage film distributor Distribpix, Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle.
Annie Sprinkle has appeared in around 200 films including both hard and soft-core pornography, loops, documentaries, and even appeared on several episodes of HBO’s Real Sex. Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle (1981) she co-directed with veteran sexploitation director Joseph Sarno, which became the highest grossing porno of 1981.
From Distribpix:

Unquestionably Annie Sprinkle’s finest film, “Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle”, represents one of the best examples of the golden age of adult entertainment.
A stellar early example of “docu-porn”, Annie combines her trademark sexual kinkiness and taboo-defying sexual fantasies to produce some of the most memorable erotic scenes recorded on film.

Made with legendary director Joe Sarno and featuring the legendary Ron Jeremy in one of his earliest roles, Annie presents a personal account of her life introducing vignettes showing off her unbelievable sexual fantasies.

An all time fan favorite, Video X Pix is proud to present the full uncut, uncensored version.

Today Annie Sprinkle is no longer making adult movies, but instead focuses on creating performance art and teaching sexuality.

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