Ticket sales begin on August 25 for #SECSFest2021

Tickets are on sale at 8 am (pacific) on August 25.

You have the option to either see individual film programs at the Grand Illusion Cinema or you can get a pass to the festival live-stream. The only difference will be that the live-stream will not include the Fred Halsted double-feature.

For tickets visit https://www.secsfest.org/festival-2021-tickets/  or visit our event page at Stranger Tickets.

Just remember, you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (or have a recent negative test result) to attend the festival screenings at the Grand Illusion Cinema. Also, masks are required for all indoor events.

And as always, you must be 18+ to attend either the virtual or in-person festival.

*Ticket links will not work until after 8 am on August 25th.

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