So many erotic short films at #SECSFest2021!

This year, there are 30 short films at the festival spanning so many different genres. There is bound to be a shorts program that will appeal.

4 images are pictured: 1 Bishop Black and Kali Sudhra are seated on the floor, Bishop is holding Kali's elbow as they grin at each other. 2. Poodle Mix and Jasper Lowe share a passionate kiss. 3. two figures are drawn in black ink in a suggestive position. 4. A naked woman is seated on the floor.

“For Your Pleasure” Shorts Program (90 min)

Discover pleasures from new perspectives with films about self-discovery, new life, creative foreplay, bumpn’ beats, and a time traveln’ hole.

Another Beautiful Creature
Wild Card
Progressive Touch
Hole Theory

“For Your Pleasure” – 6 PM – Friday, Sept 10 – Grand Illusion – TICKETS

4 images: 1 A man straddles another man while filming him with a handheld camera 2. Kaleidoscopic image 3. A woman wearing a blindfold has an image projected on her face 4. a shirtless man wearing an officers cap is dancing at a club.

“Caught on Camera” Shorts Program (80 min)

Reflections, gaze, projections, and physical media all play a part in these films where the lens has a leading role.

The Mirror
2 or 3 Things I Like About Him
“In a Strange Room”

“Caught on Camera” – 12 PM – Sat, Sept 11 – Grand Illusion – TICKETS

4 images: 1. Three bright lights in a row 2. two man embrace on a dancefloor 3. 4 women with a guitar, banner reads girls to the front. 4, atmospheric image of a naked dancer in black and white.

“Nightclubbing” Shorts Program (90 min)

Get hypnotized by the music, lights and mysteries that linger in the afterhours. These films will take you through a mind melding blowjob, a late night stroll through a city asleep, an all girl band making more than just music, and plenty more visual vices that will rock your Saturday night.

The Multiverse in a MouthF*ck
Girl Gang

“Nightclubbing” – 6 pm – Sat., Sept] 11 – Grand Illusion – TICKETS

Four images: 1. a shirtless man with a grey beard rests against a stone wall 2. Two women sharing a joint, face each other with mouths nearly touching. 3. smoke comes from a woman's mouth 3. three people gathered together in a forest or park to take a selfie.

“Love is the Drug” Shorts Program (90 min)

Craving some nature? We’ve got you covered with bodega treats, picnics, sultry seaside encounters, canna-comforts and more. Guaranteed to leave you hungry for more.

Snack Time
Dic Pic Picnic
Forest Affair
Tears for Water, A Selkie Fantasy
Saint Plaisir
Pops’ Corn

“Love is the Drug” – 8 pm – Sunday, Sept 12 – Grand Illusion  – TICKETS

Can’t decide? Get the virtual pass to the live-streamed festival and watch them all. Sales end for the virtual pass on Thursday, Sept 9 at 10 pm (PDT).

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