Support SECSFest during #GiveBIG

We need your help. In these uncertain times, everyone is struggling. We are constantly being bombarded with news about the COVID-19 Pandemic and recognize just how much need there is right now. Health care workers are still short of PPE and N95 masks and tests are still hard to get.

But remember that arts non-profits are also worthy of your generosity. What is getting us through our days as those of us who are non-essential stay home? I am personally finding comfort in light-hearted mainstream movies from the 1980s and the delightful and hope inspiring social media life streams from artists and performers who are sharing their creativity with us for free every day. Art is essential in times of crisis. 

And while this time has been especially difficult for erotic artists and filmmakers to share their work, due to “acceptable use guidelines” on online platforms. This is behind our inability to find a way to interact with you during this time.

How we are supporting erotic filmmakers:

  • We are giving submission fee waivers to impacted filmmakers
  • We are seeking solutions to make SECS FEST 2020 a virtual festival
  • We are planning to bring back the Golden Raincoat awards to show our appreciation to the filmmakers who are still willing to participate.

And to show our appreciation to you, we gathering an excellent selection of erotic films for SECS FEST 2020.

So still support the other essential non-profit organizations, but if you are able, please also support your favorite independent, non-profit, erotic film festival so that we will still be around after the crisis is over!

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