Art erotica night

Thanks to Jared of Mondo Macabro for co-hosting Private Vices, Public Virtues with me tonight. I’m looking forward to delving into the DVD extras to hopefully shed some light on the film.
Join us in October for another totally different sort of erotic film, the cult-horror-porno, Thundercrack!
And thanks to all who came out to support the Seattle Erotic Cinema Society.

DeAnna Berger – Director of Seattle Erotic Cinema Society

Introducing the SECS website

The Seattle Erotic Cinema Society (SECS) has been hard at work designing logos and learning the basics of wordpress so that we can finally launch a basic website.
So now, we can be found on twitter, facebook, and now we have a website.
In our goal to bring world-class erotic cinema to Seattle, we host a monthly film at the Grand Illusion Cinema. Tomorrow night we will be screening Private Vices, Public Virtues and the distributor Mondo Macrabro will be selling merchandise in the lobby before the film. You can read a more complete event description here.
The Stranger has even recommended our event in their Stranger (Than Usual) Things to Do in Seattle This Week column.
In other news, lecturer and film scholar Dr David Church, who some may remember from his excellent introduction of Sex World, has a new book, Disposable Passions: Vintage Pornography and the Material Legacies of Adult Cinema. It is available now through Amazon.