Early Giving begins for #GiveBig

Give BIG to support erotic cinema events

The Seattle Erotic Cinema Society is participating in GiveBig 2020 on May 6.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Seattle Erotica Cinema Society is not able to hold any events. As these public screenings of erotic film are our only source of income we need to turn to you to help insure our survival. Even the future of our annual film festival, SECS FEST feels uncertain as we have no way of knowing when cinemas will reopen and life will return to normal.

But despite that, we are hopeful that with community support we can survive this.

I am touched by the kind words coming from some of you during this time, trying to remind us how important public exhibitions of erotic cinema and pornography can be in allowing us to learn about the vast world of identities and interests, allowing us to feel seen and connected.

“SECS fest helps us accept people that are different than us. We become intimate with them at the deepest level when we watch their erotic films. The diversity and inclusivity at SECS fest has truly broadened my mind. Gaining the ability to watch a erotic film and say, “YES, that’s how I want it” or “Meh, that’s not my cup of tea, but I love that they had the confidence and love to share that with me, with all of us” – that to me is what this festival is all about.” – Kalee

So please remember us during these times. Early Giving started April 15. There is an option to make anonymous donations. Or donate directly to us here.


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