Best of SECS Fest returns on Saturday, April 2.

Ranging from magical-realist fantasies to documentaries to poetic essays, these films all use sex to think through personal, philosophical, and metaphysical issues, stimulating your mind as much as your body.

BEST OF SECS FEST: Holes & Wholes

10 pm Saturday, April 2

  • Fisherman
  • Tears for Water: A Selkie Fantasy
  • Hole Theory – Winner Best Short Film at SECS Fest 2021
  • Saint Plaisir
  • Another Beautiful Creature Winner Best Docu-Porn at SECS Fest 2021
  • Letting Go
  • The MultiVerse in a MouthF*ck  Winner Best Sex-Positive Film at SECS Fest 2021

Tickets are on sale now at the Grand Illusion Cinema website


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