Best of SECS Fest 2022 Short Films to celebrate GiveBIG

a man is operating a movie projector. The logos for SECS Fest and GIVE BIG May 2-3 are visible.

Next week is GiveBIG, the annual event to support Washington State non-profit organizations.

Each year, we ask for donations to support our annual erotic film festival, SECS Fest. Without your generosity, SECS Fest wouldn’t be the event it has become. We depend on the donation to pay for festival art, editing the festival trailer, and for venue rental. Your donations also make it possible to pay for the rights to bring newly restored archival erotic films to the festival each year, like last year’s Saturday Night at the Baths.

So please make a donation to support SECS Fest. We cannot do this without you!

Make a GiveBig donation!


Our next event is just one week away!

The Best of SECS Fest 2022: Short Films

Tuesday, May 2: 9:15 pm at the historic, Grand Illusion Cinema

SECS Fest presents 10 favorite short films that were selected for SECS Fest 2022.

SECS Fest has selected 10 short films that exhibit the genre diversity of erotic filmmaking today, created by international filmmakers who are just as boundary-breaking as the films that they create. In this selection of shorts, there will be a film for all tastes, wherever they fall on the sexual and gender spectrums. There are documentaries, sci-fi, comedy, animation, poetry, and even a touch of kink.

Highlights include: a feminist reinterpretation of the 1960s sexploitation genre; animated Japanese rope bondage; sapphic figure drawing; platonic pegging; Virginia Wolfe-inspired gender fluid pornography; gratuitously sweaty farmers; science fiction gender demolition; and more…

Includes SECS Fest Best Sex-positive Short Film: “Sovereign Sex”; SECS Fest Best Humor Film: “Sweat of His Cow”; and SECS Fest Best Short Film: “Bang, Click, Bang”.

*No one under 18 admitted*

PLEASE NOTE: This event is mask mandatory. Please bring a mask. There will also be masks available at the door.

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