New Grindhouse event

A extravagant, marque that reads 'California Creamin' 16mm Grindhouse 9:30 pm April 19' Surrounded by lights.


Pleased to post about the next SECS Fest 16mm Grindhouse event. From the festival’s 16mm archives, we are presenting three short, silent “beaver” films make in the late 1960s San Francisco and a hard-core feature from 1978.


SECS Fest Presents: California Creamin’ – A 16mm Grindhouse Event

California has long been at the center of the entertainment industry, as it also was for the adult film business during the grindhouse era. For CALIFORNIA CREAMIN’, the Seattle Erotica Cinema Society has assembled a program of long-lost, West Coast sex cinema on 16mm. Step into the experience of attending a storefront porn theater during the rise and fall of the adult cinema’s Golden Age!

The program will open with a selection of short “beaver” films, set to a psychedelic soundtrack.

The feature is a rarely-seen Golden Age film from 1978–and even more rare as an early example of a hardcore film written and directed by an adult film actress. In this low-budget sex thriller, Sugar is hired to track down a man, played by the hunky Mike Ranger (INSATIABLE, TABOO). But when she finds him, she must decide if her loyalties fall with the criminals that hired her or with a man for whom she has found affection. [Content notice: This feature contains a fictional rape scene.]

This program will be introduced by film and media scholar, David Church, Ph.D., providing historical background on the West Coast adult film scene and 16mm storefront theaters.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is mask mandatory. Please bring a mask. There will also be masks available at the door.

*No one under 18 admitted*



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