Anticipation is building for #SECSFest2021

It has been a long year filled with uncertainties, but at this time, despite the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we are still planning on holding the annual Seattle Erotica Cinema Society’s Annual International Erotic Film Festival on September 10 – 12 at the Grand Illusion Cinema in Seattle.

There will be an in-person festival at the Grand Illusion Cinema. In addition, there will also be a live simulcast of the festival hosted by Pink & White Productions.  Passes for both the live-stream virtual festival and the festival at the Grand Illusion will be on sale in mid-August. Individual tickets will also be available for in-person shows at the Grand Illusion. se

The full schedule for the festival has been posted so that you can have an idea what will be included in the 2021 festival.


The full-list of films including 30 short films, 4 features, and two archival films from Fred Halsted are posted and updated as we have more details.


Now, we just need to continue to get vaccinated so that COVID-19 cases do not continue to rise in the Seattle area and we will be able to hold the festival in September. So tell your friends to get vaccinated so that we can enjoy erotic film in person this fall.

King County COVID-19 vaccination information

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