Festival 2020 – Film List

Jaysen Drake (United States, 2020)
8 mins

Have you ever had a dream filled with strange images penetrating so deep into your mind that you wake up confused and cocooned in plastic, wondering what’s real? In this hot and sweaty sci-fi thrill, submissive human doll Evalina finds herself in a mysterious world captured, unwrapped, and made a pleasure vessel by a handsome otherworldly creature with magical abilities and perverted intentions.  Read more

Urvashi (United States, 2020)
14 mins

Two trapeze performers meet and find attraction while up in the air causing the heat to rise. Read more

Igor Luna (Spain, 2017)
9 min

A sweet tale in which you wouldn’t expect someone to be tailor-made for your bathtub. PRE-SHOW

Bambi K, Dahlia Snow (United States, 2019)
9 mins

Bad mommies, a bathroom, and a gimp. Read more

Shine Louise Houston (United States, 2020)
14 mins

Make love to the camera! The distinctions between the 4th wall and the gaze are blurred as the camera explores new facets of its own vision in this quirky yet sexy short film by Shine Louise Houston starring Jasko Fide. “Camera and I” is porn for cinephiles. Read more

Ila Afterflow (Italy, 2019)
7 mins

A sort of psycho-erotic musical, a multimedia stream of consciousness, a confession made of intense and symbolic images and sounds, emerging from the depths of one filmmaker’s soul bringing up all  their desires and their  emotions that now no longer frighten them. Read more

Goofy Toof (United States, 2020)
6 mins

How much do you love cream pies? Read more

Radoslav Radoslavov (Bulgaria, 2019)
28 mins

Maggie is a cinema student who combines her extraordinary job as a mistress and her complicated long-distance relationship to secretly shoot her final university movie project. Read more

Kate Sinclaire (Canada, 2019)
5 mins

Are we queer enough? A long problem of femme-presenting folks that are misread as cis women is not feeling a true sense of belonging in queer scenes, being doubted and dismissed. Nichole Shae and Nat Portnoy take us with them as they explore their own sexualities, joy, pleasure, and playfulness, in a short film that emphasizes that we are all queer enough. Read more

Director (United States, 2019)
10 mins

Sierra McKenzie ties Essa Terick as they describe their experiences and fascination with the art of neon rope play. Read more

Toni Karat (Germany, 2019)
17 mins

Hermannplatz subway station, Berlin Neukölln. A FagDyke is looking out for a hook-up. Cruising.
Soon they are spotting a cool leather dyke and follow her right away. When their eyes meet it’s clear what has to happen now – but when they find each other in an abandoned and filthy attic everything happens quite differently than expected … but super hot for sure! Read more

Julia Ostertag (Germany, 2019)
63 mins

Viva la Vulva!

Author and director Julia Ostertag takes an investigative autobiographical journey through the partly still undiscovered world of female ejaculation. Along the way, she meets six protagonists from five different countries who have dedicated their work to this topic – in film, literature, performance, activism and sex education. Female Ejaculation & Other Mysteries of the Universe offers new perspectives on female sexuality and a sexpositive political herstory of female pleasure through a diversified collection of archival footage, interviews and documentary material from around the world. Read more

Emily Best (United States, 2016)
3 min

“F*ck Yes” is a modern sex ed series focused on improving communication (and sex) between consenting adults. PRE-SHOW

Eduardo Cemano (United States, 1972)
72 mins

Eccentric Professor Leviticus Wirtsus is obsessed with crossbreeding animals of different species. His research leads Wirtsus to discover a LSD-type substance called Fongaluli. The leaves of this substance cause Wirtsus’ beloved lobster Shirly to transform into a beautiful human female. However, unless Shirly has a steady supply of Fongaluli leaves she will revert back to being a lobster. Wirtsus goes to a remote tropical island to find more Fongaluli leaves. During his travels Wirtsus encounters a libidinous female giant, a merry family of incest practicing freaks, a helpful sailor, and a fearsome jungle witch.

Bella Vendetta (United States, 2020)
17 mins

Mistress Bella Vendetta drags fetish model Lilah Rose naked through a lush, wet moss and mud covered forest – a submissive’s earthing. Anchored to the ground, see how the earth brings out her sexuality. Read more

Ezio Maisto (Italy, 2017)
8 min

Two lovers celebrate their brief relationship in front of the camera. The next day she will be gone forever. PRE-SHOW

Franie-Eleonore Bernier (Canada, 2019)
9 mins

Discover the pleasure of thin walls and young love. Read more

Brian Fairbairn & Karl Eccleston (United Kingdom, 2017)
4 min

Parodying instructional videos of the 1970s while at the same time exploring the clash between coded and explicit representations of gay sex. PRE-SHOW

Armine Vosganian (Romania, 2020)
20 mins

A day in the life of a sex worker as she tries to perform her services in a different manner. Read more

Ms Naughty (Australia, 2019)
16 mins

What does sex between exes look like? And what does it look like if they’re being paid to be filmed? This documentary explores the blurry line between performance and reality and the complicated interaction between sex work and relationships. It intercuts an interview with the performers with explicit footage of their scene. Read more

Amin Maher (Islamic Republic of Iran, 2019)
20 mins

A son pushes at the bounds of his relationship with his mother as he unpicks the psychological consequences of the childhood sexual abuse he suffered.

In a bold and heartfelt cinematic letter to his mother, filmmaker Amin Maher reveals the most painful of childhood secrets. The film explores gender confusion, sexuality, guilt, fantasy and repression in relation with violence and identity. “Letter to my Mother” is a means for survival, a way to stand and speak up and to understand. It is an attempt to break taboos and push boundaries – both social and personal, and to create life and art out of the darkest experiences. There are times when cinema itself seems implicated in this difficult story, charting abuse that began at the exact time he was appearing in Abbas Kiarostami’s Ten (2002) which featured the real-life relationship between his mother and Amin. Read more

Content Warning:childhod sexual abuse

altSHIFT (United Kingdom, 2019)
13 mins

Every cunt is different and we’re sick of vagina owners only seeing one portrayal in mainstream media so we’re here to say ‘Love your cunt! Love it if it’s hairy; love it if it’s shaved. Love it if your lips swing low or if they’re all shy and tucked away.’ Not one cunt is the same. Don’t let anyone tell you how your cunt should look. Don’t let anyone tell you how your cunt should feel. Your cunt isn’t on trial, your cunt is the fucking judge! Read more

Morgen Love, Val Elefante, Ines Ouedraogo, and Michael Ellsberg (United States, 2018)
11 mins

Real-life couple Dylan Ryan and T. Pfister share with us how they fell in love and what about the other turns them on. This docu-porn gets steamy as we get an intimate view into their lustful and luminous sex life. Read more

LunaXJames (Germany, 2019)
20 mins

Luna & James vlog their visit to Berlin and House Of Red Doors. Read more

Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell (Germany, 2020)
13 mins

Part documentary, part pornography, Mes Chéris is a transboi’s farewell to his boobs. One month before his mastectomy, Bat Boi takes on the role of Chéri, a character modeled after his experiences as a Fierce Fem sex worker. This raunchy tribute subverts straight porn tropes and mainstream trans* representation in a radical act of self-love. Read more

Juan Antonio Trujillo (United States, 2019)
2 mins

Missing You is presented as a work of autoethnography. Although it was created for a lover who was away on a trip, Trujillo shares it with us the viewer, as a way of examining their own desire and repression and, in particular, the effect of representation in a receptive sexual role. Read more

Tammy Hineline, Stephanie Hineline (United States, 2019)
5 mins

A sitcom of two brothers just trying to get along. Read more

Clit Boner & Trilly Crenshaw (United States, 2017)
7 min

Intimate pampering that will make you goo-goo ga-ga. PRE-SHOW

Urvashi (United States, 2017)
17 min

With an arm full of shopping bags, Avalon calls a driver to take her back to her hotel. Unable to keep their eyes off each other during the ride, this “chance” encounter soon leads to much more. PRE-SHOW

Henry Baker (United States, 2019)
20 mins

Piss Off explores a long-practiced erotic fetish from the point of view of a gay millennial who expresses it as performance art. Known online as “Athleticpisspig,” he uses video and internet to demonstrate and perform “water sports” or piss play with other gay men in various ways. He travels the world to act out this activity, in public and semi-public spaces, with individuals or groups, to examine and break social norms–to create “art” from shared piss play – a fetish which is a “closet within the gay closet.” Followed by more than 80,000 subscribers, Athleticpisspig’s work will elicit many judgments–from degrading and decadent to arousing and celebratory. It’s certainly defiant and challenges the viewer to re-think the human nature behind the shadowy world of erotic fetishes. And the old question—since ancient Greece, through the Renaissance to burlesque, Eakins, Manet and Mapplethorpe—is it mere pornography or groundbreaking art worthy of consideration and criticism? The film poses these questions which viewers must answer for themselves. Read more

Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell (Germany, 2019)
4 mins

A Horny Pizza orders up a Hungry Boy. Read more

Lily Lu / Dirty Dreaz (Germany, 2019)
10 mins

Making porn for a living has two sides. There is a big gap between the sad reputation of sexworkers and the fun and joy some of them have within this kind of life. Just a little sneak in the daily life of a couple within this lifestyle. Read more

Urvashi (United States, 2019)
12 mins

It’s late and Rogue is still awake. She tosses and turns. She goes to the bathroom. She re-fluffs her pillow. She kicks off then pulls up her covers……the clock just ticks on. Finally she begins to slowly touch herself. She starts by letting her hands roam across her restless body, waking it to her caress. As her fingers stray over her form, her eyes close and she begins to surrender to her fantasy… Read more

Sura Hertzberg, Marion Hill (DOP) (United States, 2019)

We are the descendants of the witches they couldn’t burn. Our ancestors are always with us. The ghosts of whores long ago still haunt and moan for release from the puritanical, nightmarish state of the world. How do we free them? How else but in self pleasure and in joining their ranks. Only then can we truly understand, only then can we start to heal. Read more

Lina Bembe (Germany, 2019)
5 mins

Centered in ritualistic practices of healing through sexual agency, Ritual Waves claims a space for introspection and celebration through autoeroticism, with water as an element of strength, depth and resilience through fluidity. Read more

Daniel Daniel (United Kingdom, 2020)
15 mins

At the drive-thru, a couple discusses what they want – from the menu and from each other. Read more

Ms. Naughty (Australia, 2016)
3 min

A powerful statement about disability, sexuality and visual depictions of female eroticism. PRE-SHOW

Salty Cheri (Germany, 2019)
6 mins

How many queers do you need to change a lightbulb? A kinky film about intimacy and safe spaces. Read more

David Bloom (Germany, 2015)
20 min

This second film in the Sex & Space Trilogy explores the intersection of pornography and choreography. A study of the body’s inside and outside, it features movement initiated from the digestive system, artsy costumes, and fruit. PRE-SHOW

Stephen Crompton (United States, 2016)
20 mins

“I was thinking of writing something totally absurd; to take the genre of softcore porn, and merge it with the concept of the Theatre of the Absurd” – Alvin Bojar

Alvin Bojar, a retired entertainment producer, now lives in Sun City Center, Florida, which is one of the state’s many so-called “active living” communities for persons over-55. Alvin sees his current home as a sort of “heaven’s waiting room”, but his sense of humour endures. From the confines of this retirement dreamscape, Alvin recounts his experiences, from more than forty years earlier, of writing and producing a bizarre softcore porn film called Fongaluli. As Alvin recalls the intent and circumstances surrounding this truly surreal production, Sweet Love ponders the parallel absurdity of life in heaven’s waiting room. Read more

Sydney Southam (Canada, 2018)
19 min

A culmination of the filmmaker’s work as an artist, filmmaker, professional pole dancer and stripper, THAT’S WHY I LIKE IT, stems from the director’s own experience working in a strip club. Juxtaposing interviews with exotic dancers together with images of their twerking bodies, you’ll be hypnotized by this thought piece about consensual objectification. PRE-SHOW

Emily Best (United States, 2017)
3 min

A couple negotiates whether to have a threesome. PRE-SHOW

Barbara Carellas (United States, 2018)
44 mins

Transcendent Bodies follows two transpeople—one gender queer person and one trans woman—through the rediscovery of their desires, arousal and orgasm during an Erotic Awakening massage. The primary intention of this edu-documentary is to help transpeople and their partners negotiate the tricky terrain of changing bodies, emotions and identities that accompany life and sex outside the gender binary. Coincidentally, it presents a model of sexual and sensual relating that can apply to everyone. Read more

Menelas (Greece, 2018)
7 mins

First they commissioned it and then they banned it. This is the tourism advert the Greek National Tourism Organisation doesn’t want you to see. Recently hacked from the government database we give you Athens as you deserve it. Read more

Bambi K. (United States, 2018)
8 min

Five strangers are trapped in orifice bondage and only their sexual release can set them free. PRE-SHOW

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